Sunday, January 4

Recycled Storage Jars

I couldn't wait to use up some peanut butter (the blue one is a mayo jar) to "make" these storage jars. I found the idea online somewhere-I can't reveal *all* my sources! Actually I can't remember the source! LOL Just drill a small hole in the lid & pull a ribbon through & knot it. I liked the loop idea so I drilled two holes in the lid & it's knotted on the inside.

I liked how simple, durable & inexpensive this is, plus the bright colored lids & cute ribbons you can use, fit right in with toys. My kids love to play with containers so this will be a hit. More materials fit on my shelves this way too. You could store cars, game pieces, craft supplies, crayons & more in these. I'm going to save all my jars now!


  1. Thanks for the great idea! (I just realized that sounded a LOT like your last comment!) ;) Even without small kids in the house, I'm sure I could find a use for a few... :) M.


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