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10 Favorite Things at IKEA

Now I better say, I’m not a big IKEA shopper. Just not. We’re over an hour away from the closest one which isn’t bad, we just don’t get that direction very often.  Actually I’ve only been there (IL or MN) 4 times? I think.

Also, a lot of things there really aren’t my style – I like a little more style to things and I’m definitely more traditional so the contemporary furniture doesn’t work for my home. I’m sure some things are better than others, but it’s inexpensive for a reason. Certainly inexpensive furniture can serve a purpose and as long as it’s cared for, it probably can last as long as you need it.

Ick on the food… but that’s my opinion. It’s nice there’s a place to get *something* and plenty of people seem to like it.

But – there are a few things I really like! Here’s 10 items I like from IKEA. There’s more of course, but these are things I have bought & use on a regular basis.

1.  Ribba picture ledge
This is the 2nd time I’ve bought these. Previously we put the black, 45” ones in the living room to display photos:


This time we used white, 21” ledges for books in Brett’s room. He lined up his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books on them, in order. Winking smile {He’s also using his “giant pickle” birthday card from his Auntie as a bookmark. Ha!}


2.  SNÖIG Wall Lamp  $16.99

We put this wall lamp over Brett’s bed {see picture above}. What a great little lamp for a great price! I wouldn’t have guessed, before seeing it in an “inspiration photo” but I really like how this lamp looks on the wall. I like circles too, so the light coming through all the little circles, and reflecting on the wall, is neat.

3.  PRUTA Food saver, set of 17, clear, green $3.99

Basics like these storage containers are a good buy at IKEA. I wish I had bought 3 or 4 more sets! The small pieces don’t work so well for me in the kitchen, but I plan to use them for craft supplies.I just posted about these – read it here.



4. KRAMA Washcloth, white $3.99  / 10 pack

I use these washcloths for day care. Licensing requires the children to dry with a one time use towel, either individual use towels or paper towel. I can’t stand using that much paper towel and kids tend to use more than they need. I’ve used washcloths for a long time, but finding economical, fast drying, still nice to use washcloths is challenging. My first set (from Target) are literally rags!!

Finally I found these at a great price! They are thin which means less drying time and since they’re white, they’re bleachable. I don’t bleach them every time since I wash a basket full every day, but every once in a while they need it. This is a nice weight towel that is easy to pick up out of the basket – some I have are so thin the kids pick up several at a time. They aren’t too rough on little hands and faces.

If noses are messy, I use a paper towel to clean them up first. Same with spaghetti sauce or red/any color paint. It keeps the towels nicer longer & {reduces spread of germs of course}.


5.  BEVARA Sealing clip, set of 30, assorted colors, assorted sizes $2.99

You may know that twist ties are a pet peeve of mine. {The words “pet peeve” are another one.} Twisty ties are so junky & putzy – I don’t have time for that! So I LOVE these bag clips. What a great price too! Pampered Chef sells them too but IKEA’s are just as nice for less money. I’m always tempted to pick up another bag to give to someone else because I know how handy they are.

They can be used on bags of course:
…in cereal or cracker boxes…
…and even in the freezer!
6. Trofast Storage combination with boxes, white, white $79.99
I really like this storage system, although Brett’s looks kind of dumpy at the moment! I need to get his books off the top so that’s next. Great storage.

It held all this Thomas trains for a while and now Legos and misc. toys.

The bins are not heavy duty though. Brett sat on a couple of his and cracked them. They are still useable thankfully because when we went to replace them, the store didn’t seem to have any more in the size/color we needed. I suppose they are cleared out from the holiday season. We’ll try again next time.


7. DIGNITET, Curtain wire, stainless steel $12.99 / Curtain ring with Clip Curtain ring with clip, stainless steel $4.99  / 24 pack

Brett’s “picture wire” is in the picture above – I know it looks crooked, but it’s not! I really like the idea of displaying his art and little keepsakes like this.

8.  GLIS Box with lid, white/light green, blue $2.99  / 3 pack

These containers were on my list to check out. I thought they would be bigger than they are, but I can’t pass up nice little storage containers so I bought two sets of them knowing I could use them for something. Two of them are being used for small markers & colored pencils in the writing area. {will label them soon} I don’t expect them to be very durable, but the lids hinge off so hopefully it will prevent them from getting broken off.



9.  FINTORP Rail, black $7.99 / FINTORP Cutlery caddy, white, black $6.99 / FINTORP Hook, black $2.99  / 5 pack

I just know I’m going to love this! I’m not sure what I’ll put in the other two buckets yet, but I LIKE!  I could think of multiple places to use this system, but I like it best in my kitchen. Makes use of that worthless empty space under the cabinets. I made the mistake of just buying one pack of hooks when I really needed 6 hooks instead of 5…I works to put two “bucket holders” on one hook though. Makes me happy! Open-mouthed smile

{I know, those are some GREEN bananas!}


10. LILLABO 20-piece basic train set, multicolor $14.99 $9.99
We have a couple train sets. Nice price even at the original $14.99 plus they work with the wood Thomas pieces we have.
*Please don’t make the mistake of gluing the track together or down on a board! I know it’s a pain to have a 2 year old continually begging you to put together track for him/her, but eventually they will learn to do it on their own and really, that’s where a child learns creativity & problem solving skills!  I’ve seen many sets at garage sales/thrift stores glued together. Sad smile What a shame. Brett spent most of his train playing time putting together track. It became to the most enjoyable part for him. It’s rewarding!

Here’s a fun website to check out: IKEA Hackers. Some of the ideas, are well…let’s just say, creative. I’m all for thinking outside the box & considering alternative uses!

Here’s some tips for shopping at IKEA from Frugal Flourish and 8 More from a Former IKEA Employee on Consumerist.

What are your favorite things at IKEA?


  1. I wish we were closer to Ikea...I've only been there once but I was making a list in my head :)

    1. It's a good idea to make a list & know what you're looking for. Otherwise it gets overwhelming!

  2. Awesome stuff. I love Ikea but it's always great to see how some of their stuff is being used in real people's homes to get ideas. Thanks for sharing. I will be getting that lamp for sure!!


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